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Thursday, January 6th, 2005
8:52 am
ohhh and by the way... i felt perfectly fine yesterday. just so YOU know.

you know why i called off of work? so i could spend the day with you. you seemed so excited about 3 months already and stuff that i just wanted to be able to spend the entire day with you without worrying about anything else.

how is it that everything was perfect last night. everything was marvelous. and somewhere between you going to sleep and waking up the next morning crying? i don't understand.

i love you. remember that josh. i don't know why the hell you would think otherwise.


Current Mood: depressed
Friday, December 3rd, 2004
3:17 pm
What is her name? Brittany
How long have you been dating? hmmmm... 2 months on Sunday =)
How tall is she? 5'8/5'9 aorund there
How much does she weigh? like 134
What color are her eyes? her eyes are the most beautiful blue and yellow. it's crazy. they're sexy =P
Does she wears baseball hats alot? no...not at all...she wears beanies maybe if anything
Do you like that? i don't mind i think she looks damn good with her hair down or up.
Is she hott? hahahahaha...stupid question
How old is she? 18
R U older or is she? she be
What's her most attractive feature? lol... her eyes and smile and body and... well everything
What is your favorite outfit on her? hahahahaha... that's private
Is she Hollister model material? uhhhh well i don't think she would be a model but yea in my opinion... i don't care what other people think
Where does she kiss you? hmmmmmm...places =P
How many times has she kissed you? fuck if i know... stupid thing to count
Do you want to be kissed more? yes... if she wants to =P
Does she ever hug you? yes... usually i initiate the hug unless i've had a bad day or she has then she just grabs me and doesn't let go... it's nice. =)
If so, does it make you feel better? always =)
Does she write/e-mail you almost every day? e-mail? let's see i have a cell phone and so does she... they're easier
Does she call you alot? more than i call her but it is usually to tell me to go outside... messages are more common
Do you wish she would more? the phone is too impersonal in my opinion... if you wanna talk to someone hang out with them and talk.
How often do you go out together? we're together most of the time... i don't mind... she's the only one i can ever stand
Could you see this person as your wife? nooooo... not at all... that's why i talk about it so much
Has she ever given you a romantic evening? why do you need romance if there is love? i mean seriously... anything we do is fun.
Does she have any jealous borthers or sisters (better if she doesn't)? im pretty positive that's a no... and yes it's a good thing.
Have you ever thought she was weird, but not now? lol... she's weird i guess if you could call being blazed and being funny wierd then yes... she is very strange. other than that. nope. not weird. normal brittany =).
Do you like her alot? once again... another stupid question.
What about love? haha. yea. a lot.
Would you ever cheat on him? what's the point of being with somebody if you're going to cheat on them?
If, so with who? if angelina jolie came up to my doorstep right now and said fuck me please i would probably call her cause it would be cooler.
Does she have a lot of friends? i dunno. i don't consider it a lot. she knows a hell of a lot of people.
Have you ever made out? HAHAHA... didn't you already ask this question once?
If, so how many times? once again... i was suppossed to count? i tell her to count all the time but she always seem to forget to =P.
If not, do you wish you would? im happy with the estimates... rofl.
Have you ever met her parents? yea... i've sorta known her a while
What about his siblings? yea... little sisters.
When she asked you out, did she ask you face-to-face or over a note or e-mail, etc.?? there was no asking nothing. there was a week where events took place and then we talked about it and well it's 2 months on sunday. =)
Do any of your friends wish she was their girlfriend? HAHAHAHA... they all seem to want her. it gets old when they hit on her... killing sprees will happen one day.
If so, does that make you special that she picked you out instead of them? well... yes and no. i love her more than anything but it gives me a big "if i had to" ass beating list if you understand that.
Do you believe in love, lust or both? yes i believe in both. lust is strange cause it's really confusing but love is just i dunno... the best feeling in the world. =P
Does whe flirt alot with guys? no... not unless she wants something then it's just flirting... it's funny... guys hit on her a lot though... annoying they are.
Does she check out guys when you are out on a date? i don't see her so i guess not and we're usually having a conversation and it's hard to check out other people when you're actually talking with someone.
Is SHE the jealous type? i don't see why she would have any reason to be.
Are you? yes... i have jealousy issues. they blow. i don't really let them get in the way unless im really mad and not thinking and then they show cause ill say stupid shit that i know she doesn't want to do. oh well. im getting good at it though. =).
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