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likesooooinlove's Journal

All The Stuff You Never Wanted To Hear About
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my name is Brittany.
this is my journal.
well, journal number 2.
we all need to vent somewhere.
and here... i know EXACTLY who is reading my shit.
and when.
so =P!!!!

if you want to be added and shit... let me know.
because only a very select few will be up in this bitch.
air hockey, angelina jolie, being a negro, being bad, being held, being in love, being listened to, being loved, black, blue, blunts, bongs, books, camping, cars, cds, cell phone, cheech, cigarettes, classical, clubs, coloring, computers, cursing, da fuckus, dancing, dirty dancing, drawing, dreams, driveway time, driving around aimlessly, eminem, emo, fire, food, football, forbidden things, foreplay, friends, fuckin' with my car, getting to know people, glass pipes, glitter, going on adventures, going on stoned adventures, guitar, guys, halloween, history, hoodie weather, hoodies, hookas, industrial, interview with the vampire, james patterson, jews, jim morrison, johnny depp, joints, kissing, laying on my driveway, learning, lightening, lighters, listening, listening to people play, live journal, long conversations, looking at the stars, make-up, manson, mario, metal, metal pipes, movies, msi, music, my bed, my friends, my kids, my smoking buddies, my website, mystery, myth, nail polish, night, nin, phone, piercings, pipes, plaid, poetry, pop-punk, porn, punk, purple, racing, rain, rap, raves, reading, requeim for a dream, resin, rocky horror, rollin' with the homies, sad songs, sex, sexuality, shotguns, shots, shows, singing, slc punk, sleep, slipknot, smoggin' out teh fuckus, spikes, stars, steamrollers, storms, sublime, swimming, swings, talking, tattoos, techno, teh driveway, the bag, the doors, the jew box, the patio, the truth, thunder, trance, traveling, trucks, vampires, video taping, walking, watching bands practice, weed, witchcraft, writing